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Tips for being a successful WAHM

Are you trying to figure how to suceed by working at home?

I will show you some steps to becoming a successful work at home mom (or dad) and share

important links and ideas with you.

Lisa’s Tip #1
The very first thing that you MUST do is BELIEVE in yourself and your dreams! This is a very

important first step and there is no getting around it. You must have a positive attitude and

envision positive things for yourself.

A few POSITIVE THINKING websites you may enjoy:


Lisa’s Tip #2
Decide what business would best suit you and your lifestyle. Think about things you love .

Brainstorm. Starting a business online takes time so be sure to pick something you enjoy! Do

you love crafts? Or maybe you love working with people to help their dreams come true. Think

it through, write it down. Make pros and cons lists.



Lisa’s Tip #3
Once you have decided on what direction you would like to go in write a business plan. At this

early stage it does not need to be too detailed. Just write down your hopes and plans and tape

it up in your work space :)



Lisa’s Tip #4
Research the various websites out there designed for helping WAHMs. Also visit websites that

will be helpul to your particular interests.

A few of the best are:

Lisa’s Tip #5
Find web hosting and set-up a webpage. Having a well designed website will really help you!

Lisa’s Tip #6
Network,network,network! To be successful online you MUST network. Not only does

networking help you build your business , but you may also make some great friendships along

the way! Join social networks, such as myspace,facebook etc.

Lisa’s Tip #7
Make sure to use links. Incoming links are very important to being found in search results!

Links, need to be relevant and even though we all want as many as possible try to think

quality over quantity. Incoming links( links that point to you , but you do not link back to) are

the very most important links. One way to receive incoming links is to buy advertising.

Researching websites
There are plenty of useful and let’s face it useless websites out there. You have to wade

through those useless sites to get to the good ones. You also need to be careful not to get

“scammed”. This is why you have to do research. Look at websites and check for

testimonials, message boards may be a helpful place to look. Listen to your instincts. If

something does not seem right it probably isn’t.

More useful links
Links for networking, blogging,advertising and more!

Myspace can be a useful source for networking. Be sure to find other WAHMs and small

business owners.
Blogger -
An easy to use blogging platform. Blogging is very useful when trying to grow your business.
Word Press -
Another popular blogging platform.

Web hosting and websites
Ok so you have gone through steps 1-5 and are ready to start your own web page. Now you

must get a domain name. I prefer using for buying my domain names. Once

you have purchased your domain name you need to find a web host. There are tons of hosting

companies out there so it may be hard to choose. Being a WAHM myself I know this decision

can be tricky. Remember to do your research to find the best match for you.

Wahm webhosts you may like:


©Lisa Craig is a WAHM and artist/owner of and

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